Ultrasound is a critical element in the management of many thyroid diseases. Desert Endocrinology has taken a very proactive approach in putting this powerful tool in the hands of the person that actually diagnoses and treats your thyroid disease: your thyroidologist.

Desert Endocrinology’s physicians have advanced training and certification in thyroid ultrasonography. We use state-of-the-art equipment that generates high resolution imaging of the thyroid and soft tissues of the neck. We routinely use Color Doppler, Power Doppler and other advanced sonographic techniques to assist with predicting the malignant potential of thyroid nodules and lymph nodes in the neck. In many cases, we can use ultrasound to assist in diagnosing thyroid disorders in symptomatic patients before the thyroid function tests have become abnormal. Finally, we have many years experience in fine needle aspiration of nodules and lymph nodes using thyroid ultrasound guidance.

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